December 7 , 2007

Department of Homeland Security warns that
Eminent domain will be used to take over land for
the Border Wall!

On December 7, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff issued a warning
to those land owners who are resisting the building of the apartheid wall.   

Some of the land owners in the border zone are indigenous and are in danger of
having their land forcibly taken over by the DHS to build the wall!
This is a major development in the fast moving push toward totalitarianism/martial law in North

Please take notice!

Below is a short excerpt from the December 7th press release from Michael Chertoff:

"And that gets into the problem of what we sometimes call "not in my backyard." I am sensitive to the fact that
fencing can be an obstacle to people's activities, agricultural activities and things of that sort. We have tried to
work with communities and with individuals to get access and see what we can do to satisfy our operational
goals in a way that is minimally intrusive.

But we are coming to the point that we will need, and if we're going to keep our deadlines, to move forward in
terms of giving some entry work and engineering preliminary work and then ultimately some building, whether
it's barriers, roads or light fixtures. We're going to need to start doing that in some areas where property
owners have not been cooperative, either because they haven't responded to our requests to enter, which may
be because we haven't you know, connected with them, or because they've actually turned us down.
So we're going to be sending letters out today telling them that over the next 30 days we'd like to hear from
them and negotiate with them, but failing that, we are going to be commencing eminent domain to give us a
right of entry. We will obviously deposit money in the court to pay for any incidental damages. And then
depending on what we see once we've done the engineering work, we will want to then do some building. It may
be roads, it may be lights, it may be fencing. And there again, we would of course like to reach an agreement
with the landowner in doing that, but if we are unsuccessful, we are prepared to use eminent domain."

To read the full press release on this site in PDF format please click here!

The Department of Homeland Security has also been issuing self written "waivers" from Environmental
Proteciton Act Laws and indigenous cultural protection laws such as the Native American Graves Protection
and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

To read more about this issue please read the following article from the Red Nation Society:

"Border fence exempted from NAGPRA, other laws"