May 6, 2009

Reports from the May 6, 2009 International
Day of Action: "No Toxic Dump or Border Wall on
O'odham Lands!"

Activists in San Francisco, Phoenix and Tucson hold solidarity protests in
support of the traditional O'odham urging an immediate hault to the plans for
a toxic dump near the O'odham sacred site of Quitovac as well as a hault to
the building of the border wall across O'odham lands
May 6, 2009 San Francisco Report:

We had a great action here today!

Started at 2 p.m. with a delegation meeting with Mexican Consulate officials
who agreed to communicate our concerns and questions to the Mexican
government. They gave us some nonsense about the President of Mexico
caring so much about the environment, and we pointed out that in that case
he should quickly protect Quitovac and O’odham lands from toxic waste and
desecration. But they agreed to get back to us, including finding out when the
federal and state permits issued a few years ago to CEGIR expire. These
officials were very aware of the day’s actions in Phoenix and Tucson , so this
confirms that the Mexican government definitely was paying attention.

At 3 p.m. we began a picket in front of the Consulate, with a prayer said by
Quanah Brightman to start things off.

We had 50 people at the action, very diverse, including a lot of youth.

Lots of chants in English and Spanish, then a speak-out in solidarity with the

At 3:50 we began the march by taking over a lane of traffic and marching and
chanting our way to the US EPA office.

As we approached, lots of police and “Homeland Security” cops were there,
as were two US EPA officials waiting for us in front of the building. We
presented our demands to the EPA, as set forth in the March 28th resolution
adopted in Quitovac.

We blocked the traffic in front of the US EPA building for a few minutes, and
rallied in the street for about 30 minutes.

It was a strong, spirited action and we reminded both the Mexican consulate
and US EPA that “we will be back” if we have to.

We had some media including a Spanish language radio station, El
Tecolote newspaper and Indian Country Today.
May 6, 2009 Tucson Report:

We met at Dry River Collective Resource Center at 11:00 a.m.

We arrived with our posters and set up at the Mexican Consulate gate on 553 S. Stone Ave. in Tucson .

Total of 25 people all together, people came and left throughout the Noon and 2:45.
At our arrival a Tucson Police cruiser drove back and forth then parked on the south side of the Consulate Office.

The police remain there until we dispersed at 2:45 P.M. We gave him a information flyer. Our person stated that we were not going to
storm the gates. The policeman said I didn't think we were.

The Consulate Office gates were locked. Every time a person arrived at the gate to conduct business,
someone would come out with a key to unlock the gate and ask their business then allow them entry.

Julian Etienne Gomez-Baranda, Aux.Pernsa- IME Culturales from the Mx Consulate Office came out to talk to me.

I gave him a copy of our Resolution from Quitovac.

He said that the gate was locked due to the protest members in Phoenix who entered their offices.  I asked the if the young people
were arrested. He said he would call for infomation and let me know.

Later he came out to tell me that demonstrators at the Consulate in Phoenix  were asked to leave the office and no one was arrested.

Thank you everyone for your support.
May 6, 2009 Phoenix Report:

Our collective made up of o'odham youth , anarchists, environmentalists and
our legal observer arrived at Indian Steele Park at 9:30am. We decided to
take a traditional approach with our action, and planned on doing a spiritual
run from the park, to the Mexican consulate. Myself and brother ran with the
March 28 resolution, and planned on presenting it to the Consulate General
on arrival.

After traditional opening, we ran roughly 5miles to the consulate. Where on
arrival, were met by the rest of the collective, and marched through the
consulate to met with the Consulate General. We were able to get to his
office, but were only met by his secretary. Where at that time, our collected
already posted up in his office with our banner. We simply asked for the
general, or any high ranking-representatives, so we could present the
resolutions, and to sing a traditional o'odham song. At that time, the
secretary panic, and other low-level consulate representatives came in to
disrupt our action. As well as calling 911.

They denied our resolutions and asked us to leave. They told us they would
talk to ONE member of our collective and told us to come back in 5minutes.
So we left the premises and posted up on the sidewalk. While peacefully
standing on the sidewalk, 1 Homeland Security car, and 5 Phoenix Police
cars came in. As well as the consulate security guards surrounding the
entrance. Phoenix Police approached us, and told us if we return to the
consulate's grounds, we could be arrested for trespassing.

The consulate officials lied, and had no intention on meeting back up with
us. So we decided to end the action, with traditional songs.

The action roughly ended around 11am.

We had 11 people.

Thank all that supported.

Image from May 6, 2009 Protest in Tucson
Image from May 6, 2009 Protest in Tucson