November , 2010

2010 Annual Gathering to Protect Quitovac:  Write-Up
2010 Annual Gathering to Protect Quitovac:  Write-Up

Hello everyone.  The gathering at Quitovac this year went well, and there was no trouble from the police or anyone else.  The following is a
message sent out by Ofelia Rivas of the O'odham Voice Against the Wall thanking everyone who participated.  Remember that the
organizing to permanently protect Quitovac is ongoing.

Below Ofelia's statement is a link to the flyer that was made for the gathering.

- Jeff

Ofelia's thank you message:

"Greetings Everyone, I pray with all of creation that this message finds you well.

I am sending this message in appreciation to you and all people directly and indirectly connected to you personally and your
organizations for your continued support of our efforts in our Walk and the Gathering in Quitovac.

Some of our support groups include; O'odham Solidarity Project, GreenAction of San Francisco, Ali and Mario of our Wisconsin Solidarity
Group, Dry River Collective, Earth First Journal, Sonoyta Citizens Group, Caborca Citizens group and the Zapatistas communites of

I want to give special Thanks to the people that sent donations of funds and food and supplies for our two day journey and the Gathering
and meeting of the Traditional O'odham Leaders.

I especially want to Thank the people that walked the two days which is a ceremony and prayer for the land and the people and especially
for the next generation. Thank you for carrying our staff with prayers and strength.

Special Thanks to Nitha for her strength and absolute display of dignity of a young O'odham woman.

Special Thank you to the men, the land needed the restored energy of the male warriors.

Special Thank You to Natsu for the great effort to give our words strength in the writing of the Traditional O'odham Leaders statement.

Special Thanks to Ward for his support.

Special Thanks to King for his presence in my home and on the land.

I want to give special Thank You to Arturo for bringing his entire family of women and children.

Special Thanks to Doralin for accompanying the children from Quitovac and the use of the Quitovac school grounds.

Special Thanks to Mayor Augustin of Sonoyta  for our police escort, Thank you to the police, who were very honored to be with us
throughout the two days.

The ceremony Elders told us, even if it was just one person walking to Quitovac they are accompanied by all the ancestors, they are with
us with their songs and blessing to honor the land and the people and the next generation.

Many Blessings, Ofelia

Click here for a flyer from the 2010 event to permanently protect Quitovac (PDF)