March 29th , 2008

O'odham Leaders and International Supporters
Meet in Quitovac to Stop Toxic Dump:

International Campaign Planned to Stop Mexico from allowing CEGIR to
Build a toxic waste dump near sacred O'odham ceremony grounds
Protect Sacred Sites:  Stop Toxic Dumping on O’odham Lands.

On March 29, 2008 Traditional O’odham leaders and International
Supporters arrived in the small village of Quitovac in the Northern Sonoran
State of Mexico to honor the land, the sky, the water, and all life, and to
continue organizing to stop the building of a toxic waste dump that’s
planned to be placed just a few miles from one of the most sacred
ceremony sites of the O’odham.

It was a beautiful spring weekend – the air smelled of earth and the
fragrance of the spring growth. The surroundings told of things that will
come to pass and in doing so, reinforced the urgency of stopping not only
this one toxic desecration, but also of the urgency of making sure that
everyone the world over realizes the importance of this period in time – this
period of great change.  As we sat under the desert stars the evening
before the gathering the words of Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas
echoed in my consciousness:  
Now we have to take the land's destiny and
its defense into our hands...We, those who have the color of the earth and
hearts of corn, without regard to skin color - we have to do it, because if we
don't, the whole world is going to disappear.

The gathering in Quitovac represented yet another chapter in the fight to
stop the building of the toxic dump proposed to be built by the Mexican
company CEGIR.  Since early in 2006 the traditional O’odham residing in
the occupied territories of Northern Mexico and the South Western United
States (and their international supporters) have persistently and patiently
organized, protested and petitioned to try to convince the Mexican
government federal Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat
(SEMARNAT) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) to stop CEGIR from building this toxic dump. So far, protest and
international attention has held back the initial phases of the dump
construction, but there have been no official statements from SEMARNAT,
CEGIR or any other entity that the plans to build the dump have actually
been officially canceled.

The placement of this toxic dump in Sonora, very close to one of the
O’odham’s most sacred sites, is yet another blatant example of the
environmental racism that characterizes the dominant culture.  The toxic
waste that will be put into this dump, should we fail to stop its construction,
will be generated primarily by the maquiladoras along the border.  These
factories, made possible by NAFTA, are violating the human rights of those
who work in them, and are now seeking to violate the sacred waters of
Quitovac, all to satiate the consumer sickness and the greed of the US
corporations who profit from the human misery and environmental
destruction that they wreak.

It has been said before, and it must be said again – everything is
connected.  No one is exempt from the cycles of nature. We must all take
action now to stop this dump from being built!

The O’odham Voice Against the Wall, the O’odham Solidarity Project,
Green Action, the Indigenous Environmental Network, the International
Indian Treaty Council, and many other organizations and individuals are
aware of this issue and will be taking action each in their own way!

For more information and for contact information for letter writing please
visit the
Green Action website.

In addition the O’odham Solidarity Project is asking that all concerned
individuals and organizations please sign the petition that we will be
Protect Sacred Sites:  Stop Toxic Dumping on O'odham Lands

We implore all supporters to please write letters to the officials listed on the
Green Action website and to sign the online petition being circulated.  In the
past we have won concrete victories using these basic tactics. Let’s hope
that this time, once again, nothing more will be needed!

O’odham Solidarity Project

Additional Information:

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Saguaro and Lava Flows
International boundary:
We do not recognize the right of the  
Nation State to prevent the human
right of migration
We will not allow the consumer
sickness to poison the sacred
waters of this Oasis of life