This account was received by the O'odham Solidarity Project on May 24, 2006.

The following is a distrubing account of Border Patrol intimidation and
harassment against peaceful border zone activists.  

The account was provided by Ofelia Rivas of the O'odham Against The Wall

On the 20th [ our van ] got buzzed by a military helicopter, I was traveling with the elders crossing the border when
they were right on top of the van.  As we crossed into "Mexico" on our traditional route the helicopter followed us,
zigzagging on top of us. I opened my window and looked right at them, right across...they were that close. I looked
right at some young men with weapons almost hanging out the copter. They followed us up to the tree line which is
about a mile then left as quick as they showed up.

The elders were not afraid but this is more intense then before the "official" presence of the military. As the "military"
themselves said today on the radio, they are familar with the terrain and it's terrain they have been training on. They
said they will not shoot anyone this time but they are trained to kill.