Guard to arrive at border June 15, 2006

The Associated Press

Operation Jump Start - or "Operation It's About Time," as Arizona's governor calls it - begins in two week.

Gov. Janet Napolitano on Thursday signed an agreement for Arizona to participate in a federal plan to deploy 6,000
National Guard soldiers in the four southern border states, with 300 Arizona National Guard soldiers set to arrive by
June 15.

The National Guard troops will be used in a support role, and will not direct law enforcement. The federally funded
mission is expected to last up to two years and is intended to free up Border Patrol agents until more are hired and

The agreement, signed by border state governors and Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, said that
National Guard soldiers deployed from other states would remain under the administrative command of their home
state's governor but be under the operational control of the governor of the border state where the troops are
The rules state that participating soldiers shall respect human rights and not discuss their mission or operations with
unauthorized people, including the news media.

Maj. Gen. David Rataczak, the Arizona National Guard's adjutant general, said some of the Arizona soldiers will go
to the border with their units for weeks-long annual training while others will go as volunteers for longer stints.

The federal plan is dubbed Operation Jump Start.

Said Napolitano: "I would call it 'Operation It's About Time.'"