O'odham Solidarity Project

Archived News & Notices
- Mar. 2017
Peaceful Border Event: O'odham in Mexico Against the Border
Wall, Wo'osan  Gate, Sonora, Mexico.
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- Aug. 2016
Solidarity Statement from O'odham Elders and Ceremony
Leaders in Support of the Standing Rock Water Defenders.
Read the Statement Here

- March 2016
O'odham cut border fence at San Miguel Gate south of Sells
Arizona that was restricting traditional route to O'odham lands
south of the US/Mexico border.
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- October 2015  
Destruction of our Scared Mountain - We oppose the
construction of US Customs and Border Patrol Department of
Homeland Security IFTs' -
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-  Aug. 2014
Zapatista Solidarity Event

- Oct. 2013
Help Support the Yaqui Highway Bockade in Vicam, Mexico

- July 30, 2013
PRESS RELEASE – O'odham VOICE Against the Wall: US Border
Patrol Violates O'odham Rights

- Spring 2013
Photos O'odham Solidarity Project Spring Gathering 2013

- Spring 2013
 O'odham Solidarity Project: Voices on the Border Video II

- Spring 2013
 O'odham Solidarity Project: Voices on the Border Video I

- March 2013
Erase the Border!  Add Your Voice to the Petition!  Call the
Erase the Border hotline at (888) 821-7563 ext. 2843  
Once you
put in that extension it should prompt you to record a
message.  I'm hoping everyone will say "Erase the Border" but
then include their own personal reason or story (short - like
under 10 seconds) after that.

- Nov. 2012
Censored News:  International Forum on the Defense of Water,
Vicam Yaqui Pueblo, Mexico View the video of a statement by
Ofelia Riavs, at the Vicam Pueblo gathering "
Sacredness of
."  View Censored News article about the gathering:  
Yaqui and Navajo: Theft of water rights is a crime against

- Oct. 2012
O'odham Ofelia Rivas video interview on indigenous rights at
the Comca'ac (Seri) sea

- July 2012
New federal police on sovereign Tohono O'odham land

- Feb. 2012
 O'odham Sacred Site of Quitovac once again under threat
from US Gold Mining Company Silver Scott

- Dec. 2011
Noted academics and authors John Zerzan, Ward Churchill, and
Julian Kunnie will speak in support of our
demand to be free of
occupation.  The event will benefit
O'odham VOICE Against the
WALL and the Dry River Radical
Resource Center.
Click Here for Press Release.  Click here for Poster of the

- June 1, 2011

Opposition Statement to the South Mountain Freeway
Extension to the Loop 202 ; For the Ancestors and Descendants
of O’odham Lands and O’odham Sacred Places

- April 2011
Traditional Elder Ofelia Rivas to Speak at the University of
Massachusetts Amherst:
The Border Crossed Us - A temporary public art installation by
the Institute for Infinitely Small Things"

-Dec. 20, 2010
"Caught in the Crossfire:  Border Crisis Threatens Traditional
Way of Life for Sovereign Tohono O'odham Nation,"

-Nov. 2010
Perspectives of Native Struggles:  Ward Churchill & Ofelia Rivas

-Oct. 2010
On The Front Lines: A Panel on Ecological Defense

-Oct. 2010
Today Needs Another Name:  This Columbus Day the Spirit of
1492 Is Alive and Well

-Aug. 2010
O'odham to National Guard: 'We do not want you on our lands'

-Apr. 2010
Bolivia: World People's Conference on Climate Change and the
Rights of Mother Earth - Peoples Agreement

- Apr. 2010
O'odham Voice Against the Wall Founder Ofelia Rivas Attends
Climate Summit in Bolivia

- Mar. 2010
2010 Annual Gathering to Protect Quitovac:  Thank You

- Feb. 25, 2010
O'odham Ofelia Rivas Imprisoned for Four Days in Southern
Chiapas while Supporting Zapatistas

- Nov. 13, 2009
Apartheid in America:  Surviving Occupation on O'odham Lands
Report Back from O'odham Voice Aginst the Wall Fundraiser
with Ward Churchill

- Oct. 1, 2009
Press Release:  Ward Churchill to Speak at Solidarity
Fundraiser for the O'odham Voice Against the Wall

- June 1, 2009
Press Release:  Protest to take place Friday, June 5, 2009 at 12:
00 p.m  at the municipal building in Sonoyta, Sonora, to demand
No Toxic Waste Dump or Border Wall on O’odham Lands.

- May 6, 2009
Reports from the May 6, 2009 International Day of Action: "No
Toxic Dump or Border Wall on O'odham Lands!"

- March, 28  2009
Solidarity Gathering Against Toxic Dump Proposal Near Sacred
Site of Quitovac; Resolution Against the Dump is Adopted

- December, 2009
Traditional O'odham Activist Ofelia Rivas Delilvers Statement to
Zapatista Gathering Dignia Rabina

- July, 2008
Temporary Victory:  Quitovac toxic dump haulted for now.  Read
the letter from the EPA

- July, 2008
Washington DC Press Conference Statement: O'odham Voice
Against the Wall

- May/2008
Tohono O'odham Nation Chairman Denounces DHS and the
Construction of the Border Wall

- May/2008
Department of Homeland Security issues waivers of cultural
and environmental protection laws to build border wall

- 03/29/08
Urgent Action needed to Stop Toxic Dump on O'odham Lands:   
Please take a moment to sign our petition and write letters to the officials
listed on the Green Action Webiste.

Attorney for Apaches threatens suit aginst the Department of
Homeland Security to hault land seizures for border wall

Reuters article on new passport law taking effect soon:
"New Travel Rules Leave Native Americans in Limbo"

Department of Homeland Security Warns that Eminent Domain
will be used to take over land to build border wall

The remains dug up during the Border Wall construction have
finally been returned!

Traditional O'odham Statment from the October Indigenous
Encuentro at Viacam Pueblo, Mexico

O’odham Return from Gathering with Mexico’s Indigenous and
Subcomandante Marcos

O'odham remains dug up during Border Wall construction;

- 4/04/07
Photos from the April 31st gathering in Quitovac

- 3/31/07
Protect O'odham Sacred Lands: Gathering in Quitovac, Sonora,

- 3/30/07
Gila River Indian Community protests against Romic toxic waste

- 2/15/07
Proposed Quitovac dump may be licenced for development aid
by the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission (BECC).

- 12/01/06
The Other Campaign Zapatista delegation visits traditional
O'odham representatives in Sonora.

- 11/27/06
Protest Against Quitovac Dump Shuts Down US/Mexico Border

- 11/10/06
O'odham Rights Cultural & Environmental Justice Coalition and
Green Action Statement Against the EPA Assesment of the
Quitovac Dump.

- 11/10/06
EPA Assesment of the Quitovac Toxic Dump Proposal

- 10/08/06
Mexico Retracts Statements on the Toxic Dump proposal at the
Quitovac ceremony grounds

- 10/05/06
Mohawks in Solidarity with Tohono O'odham at Border Summit

- 9/20/06
International Protest against the Quitovac dump planned for
October 12, 2006

- 8/18/06
O'odham protest military home invasions

- 7/19/06
Opposition to the Quitovac dump builds:
Tucson Citizen article on proposed dump

- 6/21/06
Stop the toxic dump in Quitovac:
Send messages of opposition to these agencies

- 6/02/06
National Guard to be deployed on the Arizona / Mexico Border

- 5/25/06
Border Patrol harassment of O'odham activists along border

- 5/24/06
Statement of Traditional O'odham ceremony leaders against
Quitovac toxic dump

- 5/24/06
More information and updates on plans to build toxic waste
dump on O'odham ceremonial lands in Quitovac, Sonora

- 5/11/06
Toxic mining dump in Hermosillo, Sonora closed by indigenous

- 5/03/06
Protest in Shon Oidagk to stop the proposed chemical waste

- 4/22/06  
Mexico begins plans to place toxic waste dump on sacred
O'odham ceremonial grounds in Quitovac, Sonora