Message received by the O'odham Solidarity Project on May 24, 2006:

Greetings Friends, I am requesting a statement of support for protection of
our ceremonial grounds in Quitovac, Sonora, Mexico.

The Mexican EPA, SEMARNAP, approved the construction of a chemical waste dump five miles from our
ceremonial grounds.  

The project is called La Choya in Quitovac. The company is named, CEGIR, Centro de Gestion Integral de Residuos
and was formerly named La Cholla.  CEGIR plans to dump asbestos and industrial waste at the 240-acre site south
of Sonoyta.

Attached is a photo from
a site in Hermosillo that was closed through the efforts of the local communities.
The site is still not clean and clusters of cancer is developing in these communities mostly in women.

Also attached is the
statement of the Traditional O'odham Leaders in Spanish.

Contact number (520) 471-3398

Support statement can be sent to Ofelia Rivas

O'odham VOICE Against the WALL

PO. Box 1835

Sells, Arizona  85634

Creator's Blessings, Ofelia